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Review: The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary

“We’re so overdressed for a daytime event about crochet.”

― Beth O’Leary

Alright, so I had planned to first share some of the books I had read awhile ago, and work up to the recent ones, but oh my goodness people need a pick up right now and here it is! The Flatshare is just the sweetest book. I laughed, I cried, and squeeed and all the other clique things you are supposed to do when you read a great book.

The Flatshare is a romance at heart, but there are quit a number of really lovely underlying themes and messages. Tiffy frees her self from the claws of a bad relationship, learns to be herself, and an inner strength she didn’t know she possessed. Leon learns to let people in, and to stop using his work as a shield to hide from his life. The characters are real, well developed and totally lovable. Except for Justin, who is a raging douche.

The one hang up I found I had with The Flatshare was the style in which Leon’s POV is written, but as the book progresses, and the reader becomes used to both the style, and the character, it sort of makes sense.

So, in short, read this book, it is adorable and sweet and funny and it will take your mind off the madness for a bit.

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