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Review: The Flight Girls

“How some of us stay the path, others remain tormented, letting the pain devour them, and still others find a new route—different from the original—but somehow just as satisfying.” ― Noelle Salazar

I was pleasantly surprised by The Flight Girls. I expected it to be more of a fluff book, to be honest, and though it was an easy read (one that I devoured in a single, rainy, afternoon) it had a lot more substance than I had originally thought it would.

The main focus is really the strength of the relationships between the women in the WASP program in the 40’s. Though there is a love interest, the story between them is not the main point of the story. Audrey’s love of flying, and her drive to support the war effort, even through her own fears, are much more prevalent. There are a ton of ups and downs that really left me unsure as to were the story was going to go. And warning, have a box of tissues on hand.

In the storm of historical war fictions that has arisen in the last few years, this one is a tad easier on the heart then The Nightingale, for example, but still holds its own. I enjoyed it, and if you are looking for a quick read with a good dose of girl power, I recommend The Flight Girls!

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