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Review: The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

“I want to know what’s going on in your brain. I want to juice your head like a lemon.” ― Sally Thorne

Alright, so this book made me laugh. I have found myself on the search for rom/com type books lately (so my post about The Flatshare) as a means to escape the anxiety of our crazy world at the moment. That being said, if you have any ones you loved, please comment! There can never be to many in the TBR pile. Anyway, about The Hating Game.

So. Funny. I read this book with a smile on my face, and the strong urge to smack some sense into the main characters. Spoiler alert, Thorne takes away from the classic boy rescues girl motif.

Lucy is a strong, independent woman, with a kooky streak that I found completely enduring, she made me smile time and again. Joshua (despite sharing a name with my own love interest) was harder to fall in love with, but not that hard. He is cold and calculating, but you just KNOW there is much more going on under that rocky, sexy exterior, and there is.

He and Lucy work together, close together, and claim to hate each other with all the passions of hell. Let’s be honest, even without reading the book we all know that hate isn’t the real reason for the passion. Their endless games come to a climax when they go up against each other for a top position in their company. Who will take the title, and who will lose their job? Because they have both vowed they will not work for the person the hate so much.

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