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Review: Tuesday Mooney Talks to Ghosts

“She wrapped her hand around her mother’s ankh and thought, Maybe. Maybe this was how the goggles worked. What if her mother was silver, heavy and cool on a cord against her chest – and part of the floor, and part of the air, in the world, always, in the details, in everything Dorry was and saw and did? And what if she’d been here all along, all this time, waiting for Dorry to learn to see her with something other than her eyes?” ― Kate Racculia

Gahhhhh, this book was so good! I can’t compare it to anything I have read in the past because it was so unique. The plot was a twisty trail of surprises, the writing was beautiful and lyrical, and there was just enough of the unbelievable that it makes you want to believe. The characters are well formed, and complex, and so well formed you can imagine them as your friends by the end of it.

I have probably recommended it to just about everyone. Tuesday is such an awkward, nuanced character you can’t help but read on and on, to find out what her deal is. The concept of a masquerade, treasure hunt in a millionaire’s will, the weird motherless child you have to root for… There are so many things to love. Read it! Opie gives it two paws up.

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