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   WHO AM I   

L.E. Wagensveld is the mother of four human children, four furry ones, and wife to her best friend and biggest supporter. Despite being outnumbered, L.E. holds her own thanks to caffeine and good old-fashioned stubbornness. 

For as long as L.E. can remember, she's been a passionate wordsmith. From crafting poems about her pets as a child to the various piles of unfinished manuscripts sitting in her magic cloud, she has always found writing a necessity for her life. L.E. loves helping others discover the words they are looking for to express themselves, and at work, they have dubbed her The Blurb Queen.

​L.E.'s Stevenson Family novels focus on friendship, family, and love in a small town. L.E. is an unashamed romance lover, a passion she attributes to her late maternal grandmother, who was rarely without a Harlequin novel close at hand. In her novels, L.E. seeks to create an escape for her readers, a place to go when they need a smile or some warm and fuzzy feelings. L.E. looks forward to a life full of words and sharing each story by story.

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