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Writing Services

As well as writing my own books, I love helping others with their writing hopes and dreams. Please feel free to contact me for samples of my work, or quotes on your writing project. Below are the services I offer, but I'm always open to new ideas. If you have something in mind that doesn't fit into what I've mentioned below, don't hesitate to reach out. Please remember I specialize in fiction, especially romance! I look forward to working together. 


Providing your loyal followers with quality contact is essential.

Put your best blog forward with this quick post-editing service.





0-500 words- $25

500-1000- $45

1000-3000- $60

*Contact for monthly subscription or custom quote.


Worried your writing isn't as strong as it could be? Fear of plot holes keeping you awake? With this service, we will work together to make your story shine!

*Storyline check

*Light proofread

*Slay filler words and adverbs

*Section rewrites

*Critique sheet with tips and comments on your body of work


0-20'000K .04 per word

20'000K+ .03 per word

*To find your total multiply your word count by .04 or .03



Gain perspective on our own work is difficult. Turn it over to a fresh set of eyes with my Beta Reading and Critique Service. 

*A read through of your work with comments in Word

*An honest, kind critique on your work with suggestions on how to improve

*A critique sheet with concerns, pointers, and more in depth comments


0.02 per word up to 60'000 words


*If you're MS is longer than 60'000 words please contact me for a quote and to check availability

*To find your total multiply your word count by .02


Paired with the cover, your book blurb is integral in tempting people to buy your book! However, as authors, we struggle to distill our book into a few short sentences. Hand the task off with my book blurb service

*Engaging and descriptive blurb for your book jacket, website or Amazon page

0-100 words $20

100-300 words $40

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