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When a rom-com, Scooby-Doo, and Ghost Adventures collide…

Branson Hobbs, aka Sonny, chases ghosts for a living. But what his fans don't know is that he also talks to them. When Sonny created his paranormal investigation show, Haunted, it was the perfect cover for his abilities. Still, he and the friends who made the show a reality didn't expect fame. Five seasons in and Sonny is sick of it all, but stepping away isn't easy. Determined to ensure the fifth season is the best yet, the producers straddle the Haunted crew with a social media star, whatever the hell that is.

When she meets the hulking ghost hunter, Sonny—a name so incongruous with his demeanour, it's almost laughable—Isadora Hernandez wonders if she's made a terrible mistake. As if chasing the paranormal wasn't scary enough, Sonny Hobbs makes her sweat for more reasons than she cares to admit. But as the crew travels into the British Columbia interior, Isa finds herself swept up in the adventure and captivated by Sonny's unexpected kind-hearted charm.

Nature gets fierce, and after digging up more mysteries than they bargained for, the Haunted crew must ask themselves if they're pursuing the supernatural or if something else is going on at the Hideaway Hotel. They'll do everything they can to figure it out, but the most challenging part for Sonny will be not falling for the Influencer...

Haunted is available on Audible!


When a long-term relationship turns violent, Carmen Maclean is unmoored from her home and city. Determined to protect herself, Carmen heads to the small mountain town where her little brother lives, but her plans take a turn for the worse when car trouble leaves her stranded on the side of a lonely mountain highway.


Sawyer Stevenson is a divorced small-town mechanic, scared to let himself fall in love again. Lately, he’s been burying his emotions in ways that border on scandalous. When tasked with fixing a Beetle better left in the junkyard, Sawyer accepts the challenge. He didn’t count on meeting Carmen or the feelings she would stir in him.


Carmen and Sawyer can’t get enough of each other, despite knowing it won’t be long before they have to say goodbye. Nothing matters to Sawyer but keeping Carmen safe when danger follows her to Willow Brook. For the first time in as long as either can remember, they are looking forward instead of back, but what exactly does the future hold?

Get your engine revving with this funny and heartwarming story of one woman’s happily ever after with a grease-stained knight.

Breaking Down is available on Audible!


When one kiss forever changes their friendship, Sam and Charlotte must make a choice. Will they take a chance on love? Or remain where they’ve always been…  in the friend zone?


Charlotte Baker never thought of herself as obtuse. But, when fireworks ignite between her and one of her oldest friends, the feelings are a complete surprise. Now, Charlotte can’t stop thinking of that night… or how it felt to be in Sam Stevenson’s arms. One thing is certain. She’ll never think of Sam as a brother again.

Sam Stevenson has loved Charlotte Baker for most of his life. He’s shut the feelings away and never told anyone how he feels, especially not Charlotte. But, during his brother’s wedding, with drinks flowing and love in the air, Sam’s feelings get the best of him. Kissing Charlotte changes everything. Sam doesn’t know how he’ll ever see her and not touch her, talk to her, and not taste her.

Now, with their friendship on rocky ground, an emergency pushes them together once more. The question is, where do they go from here?

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River James tried to leave Cascade Creek more than once. Now she’s resigned herself to a life in the town where she grew up, and she’s happy, even if, sometimes, it feels as though something is missing.

When she meets Jake Maclean, it’s clear the man has his burdens, yet she can’t stop thinking about him. His shyness, talent, and kind heart endure Jake to River faster than she would have liked. She’s open to a future with Cascade Creek’s handsome interloper, but Jake is much more resistant. The question is, can she make him see, that he, and his future, are worth fighting for? Or will Jake successfully drown their chances of love in his past pain?

Jake Maclean loves his family. So, he knows they’re better off without him. When Jake moves to Cascade Creek to escape his past and the pain he’s caused, he isn’t looking for a new beginning. Living in the tiny town is supposed to be his penance, not a second chance.

It takes a feisty woman with eyes who look into his soul, a three-legged dog, and the unflagging support of his sister Carmen to help Jake shed the pain of his past. Will he be able to embrace his new life, and a chance at love? Or will the struggles of his past get the better of him, again?

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A collection of short fictional works that didn't quite make the cut when it came to those final decisions. With an array of themes, voices, and subjects, The Unchosen is perfect for those moments when you could use a bite-sized story. Because everything is better bite-sized.

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Come along, my motley crew. It's off to bed for you!

Ol' Yawn John Silver was a sleepy pirate.

He could not stay awake.

Instead of stealing gold and jewels

It was naps that he would take.

The rollicking, rhyming tale of Yawn John Silver will help your little pirates prepare to set sail for dreamland.

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